A Father’s Day Message to My Husband from Our One Year Old Son

“Nobody throws me in the air until my heart jumps into my elbow quite like you”…

Love and Dribble

shutterstock_94847353 Image via Shutterstock

Hey Big Man,

I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while, but due to the current limitations of my eight word and four animal noise vocabulary, mummy has kindly agreed to paraphrase for me. Here goes:

Thanks for all the rough play.

Nobody throws me in the air until my heart jumps into my elbow quite like you. 20150604_125219_7-1

I love our bedtime stories.

Your pirates are just so – piratey. Don’t tell mummy, but hers always sound like they come from Jamaica. In fact, so do her bears and bunnies and monsters and dinosaurs and fairies and frogs. She only has two voices – her mummy voice and her Jamaican pirate/bear/bunny/monster/dinosaur/fairy/frog voice.

It’s not much of a repertoire.

Peanut butter can totally be upcycled into hair gel.

I like to think of my carbon footprint. It’s no accident when a dollop of the nutty stuff…

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