If Only I Had a Brain

So, it turns out that staring at a blank computer screen for one hundred and thirty-seven consecutive hours is not the best way to get ideas. Why did nobody tell me? 

I figured this out for myself eventually. Only five and a half days wasted.

Jusmeh recently asked me “Where do you find the inspiration for your blogs?” H’mm, let me see…


An unfortunate home hair dying incident when I was seventeen resulted in me adorning hats for the entire summer of 1999. This seemed a fitting tale to include in my post I Really Should Have Thought This Through, which, much to my delight embarrassment was Freshly Pressed in February.

Just to reiterate: I still don’t know whether blondes have more fun, but I can verify that oranges certainly do not. 

A few months ago, I noticed a sweet little girl on the bus, with big brown eyes, short curly auburn hair and a cheeky grin. She turned to her mother and said “When I grow up mummy, I want to be a tomato”. Quite clearly a god ‘dam genius – she inspired my post Think Different.

I have been unable to eat a tomato ever since. 

My brother Oli recently invited me for Sunday lunch. A prospect that would have filled me with joy, if it wasn’t for the fact his latest pancake attempt looked like scrambled eggs and he referred to his colander as coriander. I survived though and had lots of new material for my post “I Just Found a Chicken Bone in My Cheesecake. Is That Bad?

Thank you brother. Your thrice microwaved chicken was delicious. 

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to walk three miles home in four inch heels. Turns out – it wasn’t.

I ended up in agony, with several blisters and one less toe. My post This Season I Shall Mostly Be Wearing Slippers was born. 

If only I had a brain.

25 thoughts on “If Only I Had a Brain

  1. Yep. I find it’s the little things that inspire me to write a post. And those are often the best. And when you get picked for FP, it’s not the one you would have picked! But still great anyway.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m sure if you saw a photo of my brother Oli you would fully appreciate the uncanny resemblance. Obviously I am much slimmer than shown, with a smaller head. 😉

  2. Ohhh…. so thrilled to have my question inspire a post 🙂
    You of course do have a brain, but more than that you also have courage and a heart!

    I think I shall call you Legend… (wait for it)…..dairy!

    I do hope you like “How I meet your mother” or you would not get this quote! :l

    • Ha! I didn’t know the reference (sorry) but swiftly YouTube’d it and laughed out loud! Thank you! 😀

      Tee hee! I wonder if I can convince my husband to call me that now too… 😉

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